About Us

In 2017, one of our founders uncovered a niche gap in the online marketplace; and began marketing problem solving solutions to our real heroes, mothers (and their bundles of joy). During the journey, our co-founder stumbled upon an incredible range of unique, unseen and you could say ‘Uncommon’ products - many of which are never found by its target audience - YOU! 

Amazed by this gap, our quirky and misfit founding team of three have come together to bridge the gap. Our founding team consists of entrepreneurs and friends from different industries - a diamond trader by profession who has launched businesses in the entertainment as well as founded a successful baby focused online store; a design professional with several years of experience in working in a graphic design agency, who is now servicing reputed clients now as an independent designer; and a financial services professional with over six years of experience in multinational professional services companies.

Our Products

Our product range is a testament to our commitment in providing you with problem solving products that you will not see anywhere else. Our research and procurement team work around the clock to curate the products from across the globe. Our products are evaluated through a stringent process to ensure we only provide our customers products that are safe, reliable and are able to solve your problems.

We hope you enjoy the ‘Uncommon’ experience.

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